8 Pipe Stand - $280.00 (1 Currently Available)

B2 Pipe Stands

My goal was to create a pipe stand that was uniquely Kentucky in aesthetics.  The wood is from a used oak bourbon barrel stave. The black color is from the actual charring process used on the inside of every bourbon barrel. This also creates the rough, uneven and rugged appearance.  The bottoms of the staves are finished closer to the natural appearance of the wood but show the signs of use, abuse and discoloration from the steel hoops.   In some cases, the upper lip that holds the barrel lid in place is left intact.  The copper frame continues the theme of  the distilling process.

Most of the stands are designed to be modular, allowing for the expansion of your ever growing collection of pipes. 

2 Pipe Stand with Cleaner Storage - $275.00 (None Currently Available)

5 Pipe Stand with Cleaner Storage, Tamper, and Tamper Storage - $310.00 (1 Currently Available)