Drumstick Tampers

In my other professional life I teach, play, and perform as a percussionist on a regular basis.  This leads to quite a collection of trashed drumsticks.  These tampers are all from sticks I’ve personally used and are available in two different collections:​

Baccy Whackers

​​This collection utilizes some of the different finish techniques I use on my pipes.  They range from flashy and fun to classic and subdued. Please inquire about availability. Starting at $35.00 (plus S&H).

Wildcat Fangs

In keeping with my Kentucky aesthetics theme for some of my products, the wood for these tampers is from a used oak bourbon barrel stave. The black color is from the actual charring process used on the inside of every bourbon barrel. Theses tampers are shaped and finished by hand and the name is an homage to my alma mater.Type your paragraph here.

B2 Pipe Tampers

Just The Tip Tampers

​​These tampers are the top portion of the stick  and have been sanded just enough to knock down any jagged edges. Ask for them by name... Just The Tip Please.  

Please inquire about availability.

$10.00 (plus S&H)